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Is Internet of Things SAFE?

Is Internet of Things SAFE?

“Please don’t get me wrong, IOT and Industry 4.0 are present to the “New Industrial Revolution” and we need to go deeper and think about ” Business 4.0” … and how about e risks of IOT, If poorly implemented?”


If Internet of Things describes a scenario in which almost everything is connected, of course there are associated risks. It is for this reason that the conventions dealing with the concept must take into account several preventive and corrective parameters, especially regarding security and privacy.

Imagine the troubles a person would have if their home security system were shut down unexpectedly because of a software failure or even an intrusion orchestrated by Cybercriminals.

The risks are not just individual ones. There may be problems of a collective nature. Think, for example, of a city that has all the traffic lights connected. The traffic management system intelligently controls each of them to reduce congestion, to offer detours on blocked roads by accidents and to create alternative routes when there are major events. If this system is attacked or fails, the city traffic will become chaos in a matter of minutes.

The industry therefore needs to define and follow criteria that guarantee the service’s availability (including fast recovery in cases of failures or attacks), communications protection (which in corporate applications should include strict protocols and auditing processes), definition Confidentiality of data (no one can access data without proper authorization), integrity (to ensure that the data will not be improperly modified), among others.

Let’s consider all these aspects is far from being a trivial task. In addition to the technological challenges themselves, the industry needs to address each point taking into account global conventions and legislation in each country.

Several industry segments already deal with such issues, but this is a constantly evolving job. That is why it is important that another aspect is not forgotten: transparency – companies and home users should be aware of the risks associated with IoT solutions, as well as receive guidance to minimize them.

Helio is an IT Versatilist, passionate in identifying technologies that will present in our future. Throughout his career, Helio has implemented a wide range of corporate initiatives of several technologies and platforms, achieving excellent and consistent results.

Certified Senior Analyst and Infrastructure Technology Architect since 2011, extending his expertise in other corporate areas such as Finance, Industry, Logistics, Banking and Foreign Trade.

“I feel that I have more life experience than years of age ;=) I just started very young. Technology and help people has always been my passion.”
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Helio Pfau
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