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Helio's top qualities: Enthusiasm, Trustworthiness, Creativity, Discipline, Patience, Respectfulness, Determination, Dedication, Honesty, Versatility
Helio Pfau, Enthusiasm, Trustworthiness, Creativity, Discipline, Patience, Respectfulness, Determination, Dedication, Honesty, Versatility
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About Helio Pfau

Helio Guilherme Cunha Pfau

Corporate Architecture ◌ Service Innovation ◌ IOT ◌ Industry 4.0 ◌ Business Intelligence ◌ Watson Analytics ◌

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With an entrepreneur’s spirit and strong sense of business, Helio is a respected professional in the field of Information Technology, with cross-cultural leadership credentials and several years of international experience, conducting projects and performing technical leadership roles. Experienced IT Manager, Certified Senior Analyst and Infrastructure and Technology Architect since 2011, he has extended expertise in other corporate areas such as Finance, Industry, Logistics, Banking and Foreign Trade. Helio Pfau is endowed with strong commercial acumen to lead organizational changes.

Self-motivated, skilled in managing IT systems, he has received awards and hundreds of formal highlights due to the excellent results obtained in the projects he has led. Throughout his career, he has implemented a wide range of corporate initiatives of several technologies and platforms, achieving excellent and consistent results.
Specialized in Business Intelligence, he worked as third-level SME at Capital One (Richmond, VA, USA) and at IBM Global Account in Microstrategy, and carried out projects in Cognos AB, Initio, SAP, Business Objects, Brio and others.
Experienced in SAP migrations, he represented BAT Leaf Department (Order to Cash)  setting rules and participating actively in the definitions, testing, implementation and staff training.

Throughout his career, has implemented a wide range of corporate initiatives of several technologies and platforms, achieving excellent and consistent results.



Professional Profile

Developed moral values

True commitment to my duties. I ALWAYS meet my appointments at the set time, and although I understand exceptionally delays may occur, I strongly believe it should be informed as soon as possible. Along with responsibility comes transparency: to be clear on expectations and act according to what was planned.


Many professionals do not challenge their own limits and work just to keep their job. I strive to perform my work in the best way possible in order to achieve excellent results. The commitment to individual and collaborative discipline improves the overall quality of the team and avoids reworks.


Work ethics and personal integrity are vital for professionals who want to achieve their goals and extremely important to keep the business running in top performance. These are moral principles that extend to all aspects of my life, promoting trusting relationships with business partners and colleagues. I encourage honest and constructive feedback, because it’s the best way to promote reliability and favor growth for all.


I express my ideas and views clearly, confidently and concisely. Just as importantly as expressing myself clearly, I do use Active Listening in every meeting I join, I believe that is crucial to get people involved and make then feel responsible for the success of our project. I work with all Microsoft Office family of tools at an advanced level.


I always use my knowledge to create inovative solutions. I have experience and extensive knowledge in other business areas, making easy to come up with suggestions and technology use to facilitate implementation of new ideas. I like to innovate and see results.


We must pass along our knowledgement to the team. At least twice in a year, I encourage ``Give Back`` training sessions, helping to develop a high skilled team.

Languages Proficiency

US American English0

Brazilian Portuguese0

Latin American Spanish0

French (4 years of formal classes)0


Source: Linkedin Profile
William B Sollano
Helio is one of the best among all the people I have ever worked with. Helio is a very productive person, hardworking, broad-minded and forward thinking individual. Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and proactive perfectionist. Desire for proficiency and education makes Helio a valuable asset to any company. Working with him is a signature of success.
Helio Pfau
Arquiteto de Java / AllianceOne
Alex Yeo
Mr. Pfau has the ability to see and define all the minute details of a task and be persistent in seeking answers. His attention to detail ensures the best opportunity for success for him and his team members in projects that we are assigned to deliver. It is a pleasure recommend him as an EXCELLENT manager and indisputable character.
Helio Pfau
Windows Team Lead / AllianceOne
Joe Cox
Helio is a prolific IT Professional. I collaborated with him several times. He is a catalyst in IT and he provides the client with a deep understanding of why Infrastructure are crucial to success. He truly cares about the clients' needs and well-being. I would work with him again in a heartbeat
Joe Cox
Senior Manager of Creative Design / American Express
Roger Morgan
Helio has exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills. His vast knowledge of IT has proven that he would be a valuable asset to any organization. Helio Pfau has the ability to grasp new concepts and quickly identify and solve complex problems; and will works well with others and with business partners in a collaborative environment.
Roger Morgan
Manager, Digital Experience & Design / InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)
Ailton Oliveira
I had the opportunity to work and follow Helios’s career for some years. He is very competent and committed to his team goals. Helio has passed through areas that added him excellent skills, and this distinguishes him among other IT professionals. He is constantly streamlining processes and thinking what could be changed for better to increase business profitability. Highly recommended.
Ailton Oliveira
Independent Consultant - IT Sector / Independent Consultant - IT Sector
Elizeu Ferreira
It was a pleasure to work with Helio Pfau at IBM and I highly recommend him, he is a very kind person with a tremendous energy and an excellent behavior to work with, on his job as an architect he is very knowledgeable and always willing to listen to other ideas. He has exceptional levels of knowledge, with high quality of project delivery, characteristics of great architects, disciplined, apply methods to identify the best solution for the business problem. His architecture decisions are carefully walk through significant aspects of the architecture covering availability, security, capacity, compliance and performance
Elizeu Ferreira
Certified IT Architect / IBM
Carlos Hopfer
I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Helio, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he is an impressive IT consultant who is always looking for the best results for his customers
Carlos Hopfer Junior
Professor / SENAI
Edson Pereira
Helio is a strong professional, very responsive and efficient. He has a great knowledge in a diversity of technology. He always drive for the excellence in all deliveries with a focus to meet all Client requirements to support the business. Helio is also an excellent guy, very kind and polite. I recommend Helio to work in complex environment, he is able to conduct projects for mission critical solutions, including Contingency Plans and Disaster Recovery infrastructure.
Edson Pereira
Certified IT Architect / IBM
Luiz Valter
Helio has always been a great professional. It has many of the following characteristics: person with great initiative; total proactivity; communication expert, excellent interpersonal relationship, extremely human, interpersonal relationships, dynamic, competent professional, curious, studious and dedicated. It has willingness to get involved in various projects to help and encourage others, and to find creative solutions to difficult problems; above all ethical. Certainly, without a doubt, the professional that any company would like to have the scope of human resources. Among these features, it has a defect: perfectionism. Helio does not allow more or less, always excellence. admirable person.
Luiz Antonio Valter
Forest Engineer / Owner of Valter Florestal
Mohammed Ameen Uddin
I worked with Helio in many complex and important global projects for about two years. As a Program & project leader, I always felt confident of having Helio as my partner. He always fought hard for my project’s success, demonstrating excellent technical skills, commitment and leadership. Even not working directly with him nowadays, I know that I can count on Helio’s technical advise anytime I need.
Mohammed Ameen Uddin
Head of IT & Communications at IHCC / IHCC Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
Fabricio P. Ghellere
I am very happy to endorse Helio as an excellent manager of people and a first class IT professional. Helio is highly motivated, result focussed and has an excellent record of accomplishment in delivering business change effectively and efficiently.
Fabricio P. Ghellere
Head de Plataforma Itau / Itau Bank
Ana Raquel Pfau
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Helio. I know and I follow his work for many years and is a respected and known for their professional skills initiative, leadership, creativity, focus on results and excellent relationship person.
Ana Raquel Pfau
General Director / Takai
Marcus Braga
Helio and I are part of a global team (IBM) that provides services to one of the largest North American banks - Capital One. Helio has always helped me to improve my skills and meet my challenges. I recommend it because of his professional experience.
Marcus Braga
Analytics and Cognitive Architect and People Manager / IBM at Capital One
Eric Tilton
Helio was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the Business Intelligence tools he supports and of overall BI processes in general were a key roll to the several years of success our team had with a large account. His professionalism but also his ability to put that aside when needed and talk open and honestly with his team mates and his management, really helped our team to be able to deliver more than was expected, time and time again. Helio's willingness to take on new responsibilities, even with areas he was unfamiliar, was also a key to our success. He would jump right in and learn as much as he could about whatever new process or tool we had picked up. I really hope we are able to do so in the future.
Eric Tilton
Team Leader / IBM Global Account
David Collins
Helio is a highly qualified IT professional who can work under pressure and over-deliver within tight deadlines. Helio is very reliable, and would value the whole team with his experience and senior leadership. I recommend Helio.
David Collins
SAS Senior Specialist
Alfredo Pinto
Helio has a great capacity of integrating business know-how with IT possibilities. I can surely recommend him as a business analyst for a system specification and/or homologation. Besides that Helio is very fun to work with, always creating a light and enjoyable environment.
Alfredo Pinto
Account Manager / British-American Tobacco
Sandokan Sterque
Helio is a very supportive person and is always concerned on how to maximize the efficiency of processes.
Sandokan Sterque
Head of Global IT Testing and Assurance / British American Tobacco London
Eglis Porcionato
Helio is a very good professional, he is a great support for our customer, has teamwork, a great relationship with customer / partners and is always ready to help.
Eglis Porcionato
Services and Projects Manager / IBM Global Account
Marise Klein
I worked for over 10 years with Helio, who is a very creative and dynamic professional, constantly looking for innovative solutions to his work. His personal skills are equally outstanding. He is attentive to details, but yet, focused on the big picture,
Marise Klein
Exports Controller / British-American Tobacco
Pedro Airton Hemkmaier
Helio is an extremely competent and determined professional, focused on providing the best results for his team. I see as very positive skill  in Helio the fact that he is always open to discuss and always available to help new demands of their client areas.
Pedro Airton Hemkmaier
Finance Coordinator / British-American Tobacco Blumenau Plant

Professional History

Businesses and Occupations worked



I am redesigning IT infrastructure and creating new solutions to improve performance on commercial and industrial areas of one of the most modern industries of labels in Brazil.

Some of my responsabilities are:

  • Portfolio and project management aimed at bringing new technologies and improvements;
  • Identify, evaluate, plan and implement improvements to the organisation, including general IT Infrastructure;
  • Develop & Manage the IT roadmap for each functional area of support to promote business growth and more effective use of the ERP/BI application;
  • Develop and implement IT best practices to manage organisational risk;
  • Develop and implement an IT & Communication strategic plan to support the growth of the business;
  • Automate different business processes leading to increase in the efficiency of the company;
  • Manage CRM and Business Intelligence implementations;
  • Implement Disaster Recovery & Backup Solution;
  • Manage vendors, consultants and service providers to meet SLA;
  • Participate in & manage transition and/or migration planning including any potential expansion to current and/or future facilities or acquisition activity;
  • Oversee all IT & Communication related to resource selection, purchase and work with operations and accounting to develop and manage technology budgets;
  • Anticipate future IT & Communication needs and identify proactive solutions that support the company’s strategy;
  • Assure that ITIL Process and Best Practices are being implemented correctly;
  • Identify and track IT KPIs and devise plans & initiatives for improvement;
  • Communicate regularly with exec. management to keep abreast of IT & Communication KPIs and portfolio updates;
  • System Integration Management;
  • Oversee management of IT service desk activities and resolution of escalated issues;



Global IT Architect responsible for providing solutions to the enterprise hosting environment while maintaining adherence to corporate standards and processes. During transition projects, solve application non-functional requirements by establishing a deployment path, associated with quality reviews of architecture, performance, availability, supportability, development quality, security, accessibility, business continuity and disaster recovery. I am also responsible to architect infrastructural changes at the enterprise delivery centers of Boulder and Poughkeepsie ranging from networking services layer and moving up the stack until shared application services.
Performed hundreds of successfully multi-cultural engagements, based in countless technologies, IBM or not.
Summary of the kinds of projects performed at IBM:

  • Development of new servers: Physical or virtual machines. Sizing/Capacity on DMODE 1-5;
  • Conduct server upgrades: Sizing/Capacity on DMODE 1-5;
  • Lead development teams on new application releases;
  • Manage middleware upgrades: WAS, IIS, SQL Server, Cognos, Domino, BO, DB2, Java, .NET, MQ, FileNet etc., and other 3rd party software;
  • Establish Firewall definitions and requests on Blue, Yellow and Red zones;
  • Define and Manage Disaster Recovery;
  • Implement and change W3 SSO and SSO;
  • Implement of new Corporate URLs;
  • Guide AIX, Linux, Suse and Microsoft Windows teams on upgrades and new setups;
  •  Manage deployment teams on SA&D tasks;



Assignment: Business Intelligence Senior IT Specialist at Capital One Bank, Richmond, VA, US.

● Risk Assessment / Impact Analysis;
● Network and System Security;
● Regulatory Adherence
● Focal point for Business Intelligence deployments
● Support Microstrategy Intelligence and Narrowcaster servers at 3rd level support;
● MSTR Web Administration, Engine and VLDB Tuning;
● Lead and guide development teams on projects;
● Support Business Objects servers at 3rd level support;
● Support Ab Initio servers at 3rd level support;
● Support Erwin at 3rd level support;

For all applications (worldwide sites) listed above I had direct access to the vendors and the SLA were one of the most severe of the bank.

While working at Capital One, I supported IBM on new deployments of COGNOS, SAP and Business Objects.

● Bravo!
● Many formal and documented customer acknowledgements for the work performed.



A few months after the creation of the Competitive Intelligence area I received IBM’s proposal to to join the team for Middleware SAP Basis professionals. After some developed projects, I was transferred to a new prospective client,  Capital One.



Technical leader, responsible for creating the brand new “Competitive Intelligence Area”. This new area would supply the entire department with strategic information in sales, logistics, marketing, and others.



The experience made me responsible for a wider range of customers, keeping my current customers and now as the focal point of other more representative customers.
The effort made me promoted to COORDINATOR. I started the automation development process with the support of the IT area, promoting several improvements in areas of the forein trade and other related areas: Logistics, Finance, Industry and HR. There were deployments in Oracle systems, SAP, SAP BW and “Personal Touch”, the world’s first global relationship web portal in the tobacco market. I created applications that earned me awards and recognition: the Shipping Information, application that dramatically reduced documentation process for shipping. The Market Info, which grouped all strategic information on the tobacco market, among others (Samples, Sales). Also participated in countless projects of the company, becoming expert in ISO quality certification, OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety) and ISO 14001. This encouraged the company to receive the first worldwide certification ISO quality of a segment of the company.

I was the responsible of the area in the definition of SAP processes for OTC (Order to Cash). I participated the configuration, trained all the members of my staff and related areas and participated in the final implementation in production, as well as corrections and implementations that followed.Roles played: Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Application Architect, and validator on several occasions I was also the first employee of the company to participate in the beginning cell of competitive export intelligence.



Following my carrer ‘s strategy, I headed to Foreign Trade area as CONTROLLER, with a mission to improve and automate the processes of the area. I started working with clients mainly established in the African and Asian continents and as a second focal point for the North American and European customers. I was the first profssional to also participate in the  Competitive Export Intelligence Cell.


Just after received my university degree in IT, I started my career as a IT trainee of the Central Information Area. This area supported the entire department, with thousands of employees. Responsibilities list: software consulting, research and development of hardware and software and training. RESULTS: trained hundreds of employees in all business units of the company. My training work started since the development presentation material, setup of the rooms, the training itself and future presentation of the results to the management. As results in the research area, I had implemented support applications and new hardware solutions  for my customers, helping then to achieve their business goals (optical readers and gadgets for industrial area, among others)

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